Legends from Transcendentia

B is for Bactrian Spider

Eight-legged and spiny, with a large, humped thorax that the Crscindi mount with blanket and saddle for riding. (And that, my friend, is a formidable sight, a patrol of mounted Crscindi scouts with their spotting scopes and their still-packs and their great zap-spears. Though not outwardly hostile, they are wary of all intruders to their desert lands, and so it behooves the voyager to handle any interaction with a prudent mix of openness, honesty, friendly overtures, and caution.) The bactrian spider scuttles at a top speed of some 16 leagues per hour. While its toxins are not deadly per se, its bite is paralyzingly painful, and its mandibles leave holes a good handspan broad. It is best to avoid being bitten.