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Morning Reading # 1 – Poem in Thanks by Thomas Lux

EDIT: This video is now available to everyone as an example of some of the special content my Patreon supporters get.

I’m trying something new today for all my Patreon supporters—Morning Readings (a.k.a. Pre-coffee Rambling). I got up, limped over to my balcony, opened the window to hear the birds, and set to putting together a little semi-improvised poetry reading of one of my favorite poems, just for all of you! Here it is, unvarnished, unedited, unlit, and unkempt:

Morning Reading 1 T Lux Poem in Thanks

Friday, April 27th – reading “Poem in Thanks” (Thomas Lux) at 6:20 AM in Toulouse.

Songs for the Easily Amused


body parts are falling off of me;
There are vultures circling over me.
Oh why did I get leprosy?

I’m not half the man I used to be.
I have but one remaining knee.
Oh, leprosy came suddenly…

How I lost my toes,
I don’t know, I couldn’t say.
They got gangrene rot, now they’re gone—
that’s leprosy.

Oh, yesterday
Life was such an easy game to play.
Now I need some major surgery.
Oh I despise my leprosy.