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A Change Is Gonna Come

Big changes brewing around here! I’ve been strategizing and rethinking and tinkering when I have the time, and now I’m getting ready to implement some major structural changes to both Self + Pen and my Patreon campaign.

The gist of it all is that this site will become more of a standard author site, with links to work in various places, and to the Patreon campaign, and with news updates as necessary and also a few freebies. The Patreon campaign will become the main hub of activity for those who want to read me regularly, and want to know more about my creative processes and such. I’ll share more details when everything is ready.

This is going to be a rather big project, and it will be happening bit by bit, so please bear with me as I rearrange and get everything situated.

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Why would I bother?

The USA Today website has a frontpage article today entitled “Can you forgive Lance Armstrong?”. I’m not going to link to it. It doesn’t need more traffic.

My point: who cares?

Lance (can I call you Lance?), you and I have no connection. I don’t care that you “cheated” at sports. That’s the world these days. Most, or many, top-level athletes do that. You did it better than your competitors. So what? Maybe there’s still room for genetics in the midst of all that. I don’t know and I don’t really care. It’s not an earthshattering issue to me.

And you don’t know me or care who I am. So why would my hollow forgiveness matter to either of us?

So, USA Today, I’ll thank you to take your article and stuff it somewhere dark, remote, and tiny, where it won’t intrude on the front page, masquerading as a topic vital to the world.